LandGlass Convection Tempering furnace in Poland
15.11.2019 views:1290

Wyrób, renowacja, obsadzanie luster s.c. was established in 1990. At the beginning, Wyrób, renowacja, obsadzanie luster s.c. was engaged in sputtering and processing of mirrors and glass. Later in 2009, due to the high customer demand, the company’s expanded its business to cutting. In 2014, Wyrób, renowacja, obsadzanie luster s.c. purchased an area of 7500 square meters. In 2015, they are working on getting a modern glass tempering furnace and laminating lines. According to their plan, they will start production from the beginning of August 2015.


In the year 2014, Mr. Marcin, the owner of Wyrób, renowacja, obsadzanie luster s.c., began to do the research about glass tempering furnaces in the world. After several months’ careful research, he decided to take glass tempering furnace produced by LandGlass for its high reputation. In January,2015, he signed contract with LandGlass to buy a bi-directional glass tempering furnace which can produce flat or bent tempered glass in one machine. Now LandGlass glass tempering furnace is running quite well in the company. Mr. Marcin said that he was impressed by the great performance of LandGlass tempering furnace and he believes the future market of tempered glass will be really something to look forward.