A Native of China in Sydney
26.11.2018 views:6832

“A Native of Beijing in New York” is a well known TV series broadcasted last century telling a story of a few Beijingers who struggled and survived in New York. Recently, Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Australia also put a spotlight on the Chinese in Sydney, drawing media attention to the Chinese entrepreneurs who devoted years of their efforts in the attempt to integrate into local communities and contribute to the development of local economy.

Chris Tao, the Managing Director of Australian Watson Glass Pty Ltd is one of them.  Mr. Tao moved to Australia from China in earlier years and founded Watson Glass Pty Ltd in Sydney. Unlike the early Chinese immigrants who were mostly engaged in labor and lower end industrial sectors, as a well educated Chinese in the new era, Mr. Tao chose to join in the glass processing industry, a profession that requires expertise and financial stength. Through his unremitting diligence and efforts, Watson Glass grew up rapidly in the past decade and has now become one of the largest glass processing companies in Australia. It now has annual output worth 50 million AUD and several hundreds of employees, among them, over 70% are from China. Glass for curtain walls of many famous Australian buildings were supplied by Watson Glass. With the continuous growth of its business, Watson Glass has not only offered more career opportunities to the local job market and promoted the development of Sydney’s glass processing industry, it has also actively participated in the local community development and various charitable events. Currently, Chinese has become an important presence in the political process and economic development in Australia, investing in business covering various economic fields. While making substantive contribution to regional economy and public goods, local Chinese have actively engaged in politics and provide inputs into local development. At present, there are numbers of Chinese being elected as local council members, mayors, and officers in Cabinet.


As the role model for local Chinese who strive for success in business, Watson Glass naturally became one of the enterprises that the Henan provincial delegation led by Governor Chen Runer wanted to visit during their trip to Australia. On March 25, the delegation came to Watson Glass to participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate the installation of the 5th glass tempering furnace acquired by the company. By adopting the industrial leading JetConvection heating technology, this convection glass tempering furnace manufactured by LandGlass is a glass tempering system tailored for the processing of high-end Low-E energy efficient glass products with efficiency and quality unmatched in the industry. It is the fourth tempered glass machine Watson Glass purchased from LandGlass. As one of the top glass product suppliers in Australia, Watson Glass has very demanding requirements to the equipment they procure. System reliability, outstanding product quality, timely after-sales service and support are among the reasons that have made Watson Glass a loyal customer of LandGlass in the past decade.


Watson Glass Pty Ltd is one of the representing examples of Chinese enterprises overseas. Likewise, the glass tempering furnace of LandGlass also represents the endeavor of many who strive to introduce the branding of “Made in China” to the world. We are convinced that there will be many more Chinese entrepreneurs in the future to tell their stories of success around the world with the equipment “Made in China”. While contributing to the development of the global economy, being demonstrated to the world are also the intelligence and unremitting diligence of Chinese people.