LandGlass glass tempering furnaces for new energy vehicles
20.07.2022 views:1280

With the energy crisis and air pollution getting worse, new energy vehicles are becoming more popular: As more people are buying new energy vehicles, gasoline vehicles are being replaced by new energy vehicles at an increasing rate. By May of 2022, the market penetration rate of new energy vehicles has reached 26%. China's private brands have started to take the lead in the world.

LandGlass glass tempering furnaces for new energy vehicles 

In the field of gasoline car manufacturing, China undoubtedly falls far behind European, American, Japanese, and Korean brands. However, in the field of new energy vehicles, domestic brands such as BYD have mastered key technologies for batteries, motors, gearboxes, electric control, charging stations, and other core systems, becoming automotive makers with comprehensive know-hows in the core technologies throughout the industry. In the meantime, the advance in domestic machinery, plastic and glass molding technologies also allow the new energy vehicles to have rapid changes in their functions and exterior designs: large energy-saving color-changing glass sunroof, integrated skylight and backlites, integrated infotainment center console screen, and additional functions such as sound insulation, dimming, heating, and self-cleaning give drivers a strong visual impact and fun driving experience, making the new energy vehicles made in China more stylish with a hi-tech appearance. A number of industry experts have made an optimistic prediction and believe that the new energy vehicle industry in China is expected to become an industry with clear advantages in the global market in the next decade, following the high-speed rail, solar energy, and wind power, adding another shining jewel in the crown.

LandGlass glass tempering furnaces for new energy vehicles

Technological innovation makes green energy dreams a reality! In the era of new energy vehicles, LandGlass with its glass tempering furnaces will adhere to the objectives laid down by the "Dual Carbon" strategy, continue to bring into play its expertise and experiences, and ride together with you towards a bright future of sustainable development!