Empowering Construction, Zero-Carbon Future | FENESTRATION BAU China 2023 Concludes Successfully
08.08.2023 views:864

On August 6th, FENESTRATION BAU China 2023 successfully concluded at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. During this event, LUOYANG LANDVAC VIG SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD made a notable appearance by showcasing its LandVac series products. In a creative and engaging display, LandGlass revealed its innovative products and comprehensive, multi-field solutions. The exhibition highlighted the company's forward-thinking achievements and emphasized its strong presence in the energy-saving glass industry.

In recent years, China's economy has been shifting towards a more sustainable and high-quality development paradigm. Guided by the dual-carbon strategy and the vision for a beautiful China, the construction industry is swiftly entering a new era marked by ultra-low energy and near-zero energy consumption buildings. In this evolving landscape, high-quality energy-saving windows and vacuum insulated glass have emerged as focal points within the industry, casting a bright spotlight at this exhibition. During the four-day event, LandVac vacuum insulated glass made a lasting impression with its superior performance, dependable quality, and comprehensive, tailor-made solutions. Bolstered by endorsements from several testing agencies and illustrated through applications across various projects, it offered attendees a dazzling technological showcase. The event attracted  scholars, entrepreneurs, and specialized technicians, creating a vibrant atmosphere that encouraged visitation, knowledge exchange, and collaboration. This contributed to a lively ambiance, with the event's popularity surging.A colleague from the industry once exclaimed, 'You're not making glass; you're pioneering high technology.' This statement encapsulates LandGlass' unrelenting drive for excellence and its innovative exploration of material applications in the door and window industry. In today's era, LandVac Vacuum Glass has emerged as a leader in the field of energy-saving glass, with widespread use in green buildings both domestically and abroad. It has further established itself as the preferred solution for energy-efficient renovations of existing structures.

As today's demands for building energy conservation continue to rise, along with stringent standards for energy-saving doors and windows, an increasing number of enterprises at this exhibition have introduced integrated products with vacuum insulated glass. Whether as complete windows or components, these innovations aim to minimize the overall carbon footprint and emissions. As a pioneer in vacuum insulated glass, LandGlass sees this as a unique opportunity. Collaborating with industry counterparts and harnessing the collective strengths in technology and resources, LandGlass is committed to making significant contributions to the empowerment of future architecture and the advancement of a more beautiful China.