Things to know when buying a glass tempering furnace (III)
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Buying a glass tempering furnace is the largest investment for a glass processing enterprise. It could determine an enterprise's market value, the distribution of customer base, and overall profitability. Being in the glass processing machinery business for over 20 years, LandGlass has seen numerous successful or unsuccessful cases of investment in glass tempering furnaces. This article intends to help those who plan to invest in glass tempering machine to properly evaluate the operating environment and their own situations before making a purchasing decision.  

LandGlass Glass Tempering Furnace

7. How to make your glass tempering furnace more profitable?

Generally, glass tempering furnaces account for the largest proportion of a factory’s total electricity consumption. Good integrated energy-saving technology adopted in the glass tempering machine can save you a lot of money. For 4mm or thicker glass, the main energy consumption unit of the glass tempering furnace is in the heating section. The amount of heat required to heat the glass is constant. Reducing heat loss during machine operation is a good approach to save energy. Heat loss in the heating section is primarily from the furnace walls and in the convection structure. LandGlass’ glass tempering furnace adopts ThermoLock technology, Labyrinth sealing, and grid-structure insulation to minimize heat loss and reduce operating costs.

8.  How not to spend money in vain when purchasing a glass tempering furnace?

The quality of the tempered glass products and the reliability of the tempering furnace will determine the development and profitability of the enterprise in the next 5-10 years. Therefore, the reliability and product quality are far more important than the price of the machine. The success of the enterprise is dependent on the high quality of your tempered glass products. Reliable machine and a complete maintenance plan can effectively reduce the frequency of machine failure and downtime. If the purchase of cheap machine leads to a substantial increase in annual maintenance time, additional labor costs and possible penalties on delayed delivery could add up to millions. As such, low cost may save you money for the moment. However, the resulting product quality issues, additional operation expenses, and increase of maintenance could cost an arm and a leg in the long run.  

 9. How to choose your long-term partners to win the future?

Brand strength: Major brands often have their own R&D, design, and manufacturing teams. Their products have been proven in the market and quality is guaranteed. In addition, LandGlass has the ability and experience to offer tailored design, manufacturing, and commissioning based on your actual needs to better meet your requirements for product quality. When you buy glass tempering machine from brand manufacturers, you also receive their brand support, which may directly determine your pricing power and influence on the market.

Innovation strength: Companies that have powerful innovation strength are highly sensitive to the market. They can clearly identify market changes and update or upgrade their products accordingly. Partner with them may better assure the technical life of your glass tempering machine. Enterprises should focus on their core competitiveness and work with the right partners to win the future.