LandGlass, Shining at VITRUM 2023
11.09.2023 views:1267

On September 8th, the renowned VITRUM 2023 drew to a close after an impactful four-day showcase at Fiera Milano Rho, Milan, Italy. LandGlass stood out among thousands of global industry participants. The event became a platform where the forefront of innovative technologies, new products, and the latest industry trends were on display, providing attendees with a unique and captivating technological experience.

At the exhibition, LandGlass made a spectacular debut with its intelligent glass tempering machine, Smart Factory, and the LandVac vacuum insulated products and comprehensive solutions. Through live demonstrations, product showcases, and in-depth technical sessions, LandGlass fully displayed its formidable prowess in technological innovation. The exhibit attracted lots of industry professionals, all eager to engage and discuss LandGlass’s offerings. The spotlight was especially on the large-scale, uniquely designed architectural glass and the new energy vehicle glass series made by LandGlass Glass Tempering Furnaces. Moreover, the LandVac Vacuum insulated glass on display and its compatibility with European standard profiles greatly expanded LandGlass's application scenarios in the European market, leading to substantial media attention and featured interviews. While showcasing its strengths and prowess to the world, LandGlass also drew the attention of numerous merchants from Europe and Africa, with many expressing concrete purchasing and collaboration interests.

In the context of increasing global economic uncertainties and shifting international dynamics, the Vitrum 2023 has offered warmth and hope, facilitating broader communication among enterprises from different nations, sharing opportunities, and jointly addressing challenges posed by these risks. As a leader in the international field of advanced glass processing, LandGlass remains committed to strengthening breakthroughs in key core technologies and continually solidifying its foundational expertise. With a spirit of innovation and adaptability, LandGlass aims to steer industry development, contributing robust momentum to the global push for emissions reduction and championing the power of Chinese intelligent manufacturing.