2024 China Glass Industry Annual Conference and Technical Seminar Held in Chengdu
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On July 3, 2024, the "2024 China Glass Industry Annual Conference and Technical Seminar" hosted by the China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association and co-organized by Luoyang LandGlass Technology Co., Ltd., among others, was held in Chengdu. Industry leaders, technical experts, scholars, and representatives from the upstream and downstream sectors of the industrial chain gathered from across the country to discuss new opportunities and challenges facing the glass industry in the new era. At the same time, the election for the eighth board of directors was also conducted.

2024 China Glass Industry Annual Conference and Technical Seminar Held in Chengdu

At the conference, Zhao Yan, Chairman of LandGlass, delivered a keynote speech. He highlighted the complex challenges currently facing the glass industry, including declining demand, overcapacity, increasing environmental pressures, and insufficient innovation capabilities. Zhao particularly emphasized the vital role of vacuum insulated glass in promoting green, low-carbon, safe, and high-quality development within the industry. He called on all industry colleagues to work together to explore new pathways for the transformation and upgrading of the glass industry, contributing to the construction of a modern industrial system and fostering new productive forces.

2024 China Glass Industry Annual Conference and Technical Seminar Held in Chengdu

During the conference, multiple thematic seminars revolving around "green, low-carbon, innovation, and development" were held, featuring the latest research findings, technological applications, and successful case studies from the market forefront. These provided valuable industry insights and forward-thinking perspectives for attendees. Notably, as one of the main organizers of the event, LandGlass not only played an active role in the organization but also showcased its latest systematic glass processing  solutions and excellent comprehensive vacuum insulated glass  solutions, demonstrating its significant achievements and substantial progress in driving the glass industry's move towards intelligence and sustainability. In the newly established technology and product exhibition area, LandGlass’s new generation of LandVac titanium vacuum insulated glass, known for its superior thermal insulation, soundproofing, and noise reduction performance, attracted numerous visitors. The exhibit sparked discussions and won widespread acclaim.

Striding into a new era and forging a new journey, this annual conference, meticulously organized and guided by the China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association, effectively promoted in-depth exchanges and extensive cooperation within the industry. It provided solid support for driving enterprise transformation and upgrading, and for stimulating new productive forces in the industry. As a member of the industry, LandGlass will continue to uphold the concept of innovative development, deepen technological innovation, improve product quality, and join hands with industry colleagues to create a new chapter of high-quality development for China's glass industry.