LandVac, the Beauty in My Heart
13.02.2017 views:1356

LandGlass quietly launched the world’s very first real commercialized fully tempered vacuum glass – LandVac. However, it is well deserved to be the shining star spotlighted at China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition 2016 and the 14th Fenestration China. It has also helped LandGlass to win the 4th China Glass Innovation Driving Force Award, opening a new era in the history of LandGlass by successfully transforming the company from a glass processing equipment supplier into an integrated enterprise offering both processing equipment and energy-saving glass products.


Looking at the two registered trademarks of LandVac displayed at the booth, watching the constant flow of people in front of the showcase demonstrating the heat insulation performance of single pane, standard insulated glass, triple-pane glass in comparison with LandVac, experiencing the coolest feeling of LandVac by hand touching the four pieces of glass of different kind, then being surprised by the temperature readings on the meter, what came cross my mind was the famous verse written by Ms. Bing Xin: “Flower of success, people admire how gorgeous it looks now. Does anyone still remember, its sprout was once watered by tears of struggle and sprinkled in the rain of blood sacrifice…” Suddenly, what slowly filled my heart was mixed feelings.

Without personal experience, no one could believe how many world class leading technologies involving material, vacuum, mechanical and other various scientific areas it takes to invent a small piece of LandVac. Like a vessel carrying the glory and the dreams of LandGlass people, this piece of glass is the result of the work of a R&D team of a hundred members devoted their collective wisdom in the past three thousands days and nights. Because of the nature of my work, I have been paying close attention to the R&D progress of vacuum glass for years. I know well that every step of advancement was the result of many sleepless nights of R&D staff and every technical achievement was supported by hundreds of experiments. When the technologies of glass tempering and vacuum is combined together, when the technical difficulties in metal sealing, flexible edge sealing, flat sealing, high vacuum sealing off were overcome one after another, when LandVac created industrial miracle by sustaining its U-value at 0.4W/(m2·K) after going through two months of rigorous testing at ift Rosenheim testing center, a German certification body equipped with the world's most advanced technical measures, before I can find the joy of victory, the R&D team has already jumped onto their next project, ready to take new challenges.


“Perfection is a fruit of innovations.”The march for innovations comes with pleasure and pain. The rhythm of the blend resulted in the crystal clear of the pure LandVac. With the superior insulating features of LandVac, blocked not are the passions of LandGlass’ R&D staff and the eager anticipation in the industry. Year after year, I have been impressed by gorgeous scenes of many kinds. However, this year, LandVac, you are the only beauty in my heat.