Traversing “Belt and Road”, Leaping across “High Mountains and Vast Sea”, Creating a “Win-Win Collaboration” (II)
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The Belt and Road Initiative refers to The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road. As an inaugural national strategy driven by the higher management, the Belt and Road Initiative has a far-reaching strategic significance in relations to the modernization drive of China as well as its leading position in the global economy. Meanwhile, it is also the beginning of the “Global4.0.” led by China. As such, as a leading player in the Chinese glass processing industry, LandGlass has already ignited its own “21st-Century Maritime Silk Road”, bringing the Chinese glass processing equipment to the countries and regions along the “Belt and Road.”

To date, we are travelling along the “Maritime Silk Road”, heading West, appreciating the unique charisma of LandGlass glass tempering machine. Next, let us step out of the country and continue our journey to the West, imprinting our solid “footprints of LandGlass” on the “Maritime Silk Road” abroad.

(1) Cambodia

As Cambodia is located in Indochina, it is coincidentally the key regional zone comprising of a 3-directional interchange in the path of the “Belt and Road.” At the same time, it is also a critical support for the extension of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road toward the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific. The HSH company is a large one-stop integrated glass processing company, specializing in manufacturing and marketing as well as services. It has a comparatively huge influence in the domestic market of Cambodia. A few years ago, with precise and meticulous selection, the company purchased LandGlass tempered glass machine. This glass tempering furnace employs our JetConvection Plus technology and advanced convectional circulating system to heat up the glass rapidly and uniformly, and to effectively control various glass defects such as white haze, hot spots, etc. and shorten the heating time and elevate the heating efficiency, ensuring excellent tempering effects. High-quality products are the cornerstone for the development of any company. After a few years of solid and down-to-earth development, the company’s products have received widespread recognition in the market and they have also been used extensively in numerous iconic buildings.


(2) VMC, Thailand

Heading west along the Maritime Silk Road, another neighboring country to Cambodia is Thailand. Situated in the southern part of Indochina, Thailand is a country with ancient civilization in the Southeast Asia region. Located in the intersection point of the two large countries with ancient civilization, namely China and India, it is an important station along the Maritime Silk Road. VMC (Thailand) is a company that has over 40 years of experiences in the glass processing industry. Being widely known in Thailand, its products have reached each and every country in Southeast Asia. Seven or eight years ago, to meet the developmental needs of the company, they have carefully selected and purchased LD-AB Flat&bent Bi-direction Glass Tempering Furnace. The B bending section uses the hard shaft bending rollers which bend the glass lengthwise. Besides, the bending mechanism consists of many bending devices resulting in a high precision in forming. it can produce high-quality bent tempered glass. The products are mainly used in the buildings, bathrooms, furniture, sidelites of cars, home appliances, etc. With the high-quality products, it has successfully captured a dominant market position and gained the assurance and recognition from its customers. According to its company staff, the final tempered glass is widely used in the local municipal projects as well as commercial property projects. In recent years, the company has had swift development.


(3)Fuso Glass, India

Continuing to head west along the sea, you would reach India. Located in South Asia, India is the largest country in South Asian Subcontinent. As the super-large regional country with the largest economic scale , most important geographical location and highest international status in the local region, it has exerted the same effect of paramount importance in the building up of the Maritime Silk Road. Fuso Glass (India) is a leading enterprise in India’s glass processing industry. Simultaneously, it is also one of the largest glass processing company in India. It has various factories in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Its products are widely used in several Indian landmarks. For instance, the glass used in the airports of 18 cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore, were supplied by Fuso Glass. Besides, some of the milestone projects of Fuso Glass also include Infosys Technologies Campus and Anna Centenary Library. In their factories, there are 3 LandGlass glass tempering furnaces. One of them, a full convection glass tempering machine, was purchased 7 years ago. The other two were procured in the last two years in a consecutive order –LandGlass Cyclone Glass Tempering Furnaces. Among them, one is a combined flat glass tempering machine. These two heating areas of the machine have all employed internationally leading Cyclone Convection heating technology. It can flexibly allocate  heating in different areas according to the technological requirements. Furthermore, it can also be used to process high-quality tempered glass. On top of that, it also has an isothermal connection function, which can effectively meet the customer demands of processing extra-large tempered glass.


In recent days, we had travelled along the “Belt and Road”, witnessing with our own eyes of the aesthetic “footprints” left behind by LandGlass. These achievements allow us to reaffirm our belief and reasons to continue the journey along the “Belt and Road”, creating a new normal for corporate development in the Chinese industry. In the foreseeable future, LandGlass will also continue to leap across “high mountains and vast sea”, seizing these rare opportunities together with the users and creating a nest of “win-win collaborations” for a better tomorrow.