LandGlass Talent is Selected to Join the Expert Pool
18.03.2022 views:1378

On March 9, the Henan Province Passive Ultra-low Energy Building Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance announced the list of the first ultra-low energy building experts. Yanbing Li, the deputy general manager of LandGlass was selected with high votes.

LandGlass Talent is Selected to Join the Expert Pool

Mr. Li is a well-known expert in the vacuum insulated glass industry in China and abroad and is one of the core leaders in LandGlass’ LandVac business. Under his leadership, the LandVac team made great efforts over eight years to turn an unprecedented concept into a marketable product and convert it from a single product to a new generation of high-performance glass products including Energy-Saving series, Noise Reduction Series, and Anti-Condensation series as well as superstructure windows. At present, LandVac vacuum insulating glass have successfully obtained certifications from CTC, ATI, ANSI, IFT, UL, and other domestic and foreign authoritative bodies. LandVac has found wide applications in passive houses, ultra-low energy consumption buildings, noise reduction projects, and high-end energy-efficient dew-proof freezers. Organizations such as the National Energy Administration, Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, Beijing Taimei , Erlitou Museum, Guangdong Country Garden, Zero Carbon Emissions Park designed by Fivewin Architecture, Shandong Passive House Kindergarten, BSH Home Appliances have been using LandVac vacuum glass in their applications on a large scale. Meanwhile, as a great example of China’s success in the global high-tech competition, LandVac vacuum insulating glass are now exported to dozens of countries and regions including the United States, UK, Netherlands, and Australia.

Today, the concept of green energy development has become an irreversible trend. The quality of healthy and comfortable life has been deeply rooted in people's minds. The establishment of the expert pool will accelerate the landing of these advanced concepts and make great contributions to the realization of the national carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality strategy!