"Mass innovation" creates "beauty of innovation"
24.03.2015 views:2570

The Award Ceremony for LandGlass "Beauty of Innovation" Essay & Photography Competition has recently taken place. 7 series of photographic works and 6 excellent essays stood out, making the photographers and authors LandGlass' deserved outstanding innovators in 2014. 

Since its beginning, the competition has received positive response from LandGlass' staff and workers who sought materials in daily work and tapped resources in departmental innovation, thus creating an atmosphere of mass innovation in the company early. 32 contributions were received soon, including 17 photographic works and 15 excellent essays. All these contributions are based on what the staff and workers on different posts explored from different perspectives, including works such as Automation in Progress and Operation Innovation from the production line, as well as works such as C bending Technology Innovation and After-sales Service Management Improvement. 

A prominent feature of all the contributions received is that they are from the grass-roots level and shows a model of mass innovation. When these entries were on a show tour in LandGlass, many grass-roots workers who had seen these works said proudly that "the operation innovation is my idea" or "I worked with my team leader on the improvement". At the sight of these works, corporate leaders agreed that every worker summarized and thought in work in order to work more efficiently and improve product quality. This is actually the real "beauty of innovation" for LandGlass. The beauty includes innovation achievements, every one of LandGlass involved in innovation, as well as the perseverance and attentiveness specific to LandGlass they showed in innovation.