How is the safety functionality of the glass tempering furnace achieved?
19.09.2023 views:948

1. Emergency stop buttons are installed on the main operating station of the glass tempering furnace and on the control boxes of each segment. In the event of an emergency, pressing the stop button will immediately halt all operations of the glass tempering furnace, and trigger an alarm bell. This will also disconnect the main power sources and control circuit power, ensuring the safety of operators.

2. To restart the glass tempering furnace after an emergency stop, operators must first reset the system via the fault reset button located at the main operating station. Without this reset, the main power supply to all transmission circuits will remain disconnected.

3. If the glass is exiting the chiller of the glass tempering machine and the lifting table is still in a raised position, the safety functionality of the glass tempering furnace will automatically lower the lifting table. This prevents potential damage to the glass and glass toughening machine due to operator oversight.