LandGlass Cyclone: Ideal Partner for Tempered Glass Manufacturers
05.03.2017 views:5459

Expectation for Growth

As a well-known architectural glass manufacturer in Russia, Moscow Mirror Factory is one of the major curtain wall glass suppliers for many renowned buildings in Russia. It has been the driving force in the development of local glass processing industry, exporting products worldwide. The company ordered a glass tempering furnace from LandGlass in 2008. Eight years of reliable operation generates considerable amount of profits for them. During the period, the company has enjoyed fast growth and is now planning a new modern factory in Moscow.

In the meantime, the local market demand for glass curtain wall has increased tremendously. Increased also is the application of larger-size glass, resulting in higher quality requirements for tempered glass. The head of the company, Mr. Alexander deeply understands that high tech safeguards high quality. To stay in line with the market needs, and accelerate the pace of corporate development, there is an urgent need for the company to acquire a high end glass tempering furnace. Having such needs and expectations in mind, Mr. Alexander and his friends come to LandGlass in Luoyang, China. The reputable LandGlass Cyclone series is what they focus on.

The High Tech Safeguarding the High Quality

Today, through continuous technology innovation and improvement, LandGlass has successfully achieved their goals and made the entire glass tempering process in Cyclone more transparent, orderly, and easy to operate. Workers stack the glass sheet to be tempered on Cyclone’s loading table and press the start button. The eVision device on the loading table is turned on and starts to identify the specifications, types of glass sheet when the glass passing by. The data detected will be transmitted to the operating system. In the blink of an eye, the eAdapt system can determine the most suitable settings and select the appropriate parameters for the glass based on the data received.

Relying on the advanced technology safeguarding the high quality, including isoThermTM , CycloneTM convection, StraightEdgeTM , GeniusCoolTM , ThermoLockTM, and EnergySaveTM technology, along with the intelligent eAdaptTM system, automated operation has been realized in Cyclone series based on the data and the system, freeing workers from many tedious and sophisticated works.


After learning the features of Cyclone series glass tempering furnaces, without spending too much time on negotiations, Mr. Alexander placed the purchase order. In the upcoming years, equipped with this new LandGlass Cyclone series glass tempering furnace, Moscow Mirror Factory will continue enhancing its production efficiency and product quality. The production reform he has dreamed of is now gradually becoming a reality.