LandVac Assists in Achieving Low-Carbon Footprint
02.12.2020 views:1520

Recently, the 7th National Nearly Zero-Energy Building Conference, co-sponsored by the China Academy of Building Research and the China Association of Building Energy Efficiency, concluded in Beijing. With the theme of “Conclude the 13th Five-Year Plan, look head to the 14th Five-Year Plan, Innovate the China’s system, promote industrial upgrading, the conference brought together more than 580 professional and managing personnel engaged in research, design, and development of ultra-low, nearly zero-energy efficient buildings. 90 experts and scholars shared the latest research results of energy-saving buildings and green fenestration systems at 15 sub-forums around the topic of “Achieve Peak Carbon Emissions by 2030 and Carbon Neutrality by 2060,” unfolding the bright prospects of building energy efficiency. 

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Mr.Jiang Ligong, Sales Director of LandGlass, delivered a speech under the title “Vacuum Insulated Glass - The Ultimate Solution of Energy Saving Glass” at the conference and shared with the participants LandGlass’ successful experience in the development of high-performance vacuum insulated glass and its comprehensive solutions. He pointed out that as China aims to achieve a “peak carbon emissions by 2030, carbon neutrality by 2060”, the vacuum insulated glass characterized by energy-saving, sound insulation, and lightweight can greatly improve the energy efficiency of fenestration system currently made of insulating glass. Its performance is well proven in the field of construction. LandVac has been listed in the “Catalog of the Recommended Products for Passive Low-energy Buildings” of MOHURD and the “Catalog of the Recommended Building Energy Saving Technologies and Products” of various provinces and cities. Certified as green product and green building material by a number of certification bodies, LandVac Vacuum Glass is the No. 1 choice for energy-saving building fenestration systems.  

The successful convening of the conference indicates the emergence of China’s energy-saving building system under the guidance of the “30 · 60 Goals”. And the strong rise of high-performance new energy-saving materials, represented by LandVac vacuum glass of LandGlass, not only shows the direction for China’s fenestration industry but also indicates the upgrade of China’s materials science field.