Addressing Poverty with Knowledge and Technology Support; Building Future Dreams
24.08.2018 views:1234

The old adage, “Firm up your foothold first before helping others” from Analects of Confucius is a comprehensive presentation of “benevolence” in Confucianism. It emphasizes on helping the masses, and feeling happy to help them. As a representative of the enterprises sticking with Confucian values , LandGlass is constantly striving to uphold the organic integration of economic and social responsibilities. With its self-development at the same time, it has been proactively participating in charitable activities with the aim of giving back to the society.


On August 18, 2018, LandGlass held a charitable event, “LandGlass ---- Siposhan Village (Henan): Student Summer Camp-Addressing Poverty with Knowledge and Technology Support.” In the one-day activity, LandGlass invited over 30 students from Siposhan Village to its glass tempering machine production base in Luolong District. It also showed the students its production lines for the glass processing equipment and allowed them to understand the production processes. Additionally, it got all the students to experience first-hand product manufacturing and quality control processes as well as the production methods of a modernized factory. LandGlass has high hopes that the students can widen their visions, increase their knowledge, understand the modern society via this summer camp. In the context of smart industry, the students must also be aware of their required competencies and learn the various knowledge of science and culture with a specific objective, becoming a hi-tech talent walking out of poverty to achieve self-excellence.


After the visit, LandGlass’ Executive Deputy Director Sun Yanfang and Union Chairman Wang Yingjie presented bursaries for over 30 students from Siposhan Village. Among them, sophomore Wang Huan, who has participated in LandGlass’ summer camp for the second time, expressed that LandGlass not only has helped him to overcome his economic difficulties during education, it also has allowed him to broaden his horizon, understand the society better and help him to set a higher future goal in life.


To address poverty, one must also take care of knowledge and technology education at the same time. Letting the poor students to have a chance to receive proper education and shorten the gap between their peers in the areas of vision and horizon is an important way to overcome the Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty. The objective of this summer camp is to help the poor students to get into a modernized enterprise, experience for themselves the power of technology, help them to broaden their horizon so as to initiate a better planning for their future and achieving a resounding success in each and every of their lives!