Taking the Lead in the Industry
27.04.2016 views:1171

The 27th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2016) was completed successfully at Shanghai New International Expo Center on April 14. During the 4-day event, LandGlass brought two of its major product series, glass tempering equipment and fully tempered vacuum insulated glass, to over 20,000 professional visitors from more than 60 countries around the world, unfolding the global leading equipment and products in glass processing industry.

Being an active participant of China Glass expo for years, a market team consists of more than 50 LandGlass professionals attended this year's exhibition. Located in the center of Exhibit Hall W3, LandGlass’ booth has a stylish classy look. The square shaped booth had a circular platform in the middle, surrounded with its exquisite products used in four major areas - architecture and furniture, automobiles, household appliances, and solar energy. Standing out in front of the platform was the all new LandGlass fully tempered vacuum insulated glass perfectly fitted in the door and window frames, drawing great attention at the event. Seated in the center of displayed products is a well-designed rectangular glass enclosure, with a “Touch Me” sign inviting visitors to experience the outstanding performance of LandVac.


The all new fully tempered vacuum insulated glass by LandGlass was the brightest star of this exhibition. As the high-tech products in glass industry, companies from Europe, US, and Japan have invested heavily in the development of fully tempered vacuum insulated glass during recent years with few results. Now, LandVac has successfully incorporated the vacuum insulated glass and LandGlass' tempering technology, creating a vacuum insulated glass with impact resistance and other safety properties of tempered glass. Meanwhile, after watching the intuitive 3D animated introduction on the two giant screens placed on both sides of the booth and the creative eye-catching posters, the real experience on the center temperature testing enclosure unfolded vividly the excellent performances of LandVac in heat and sound insulation. The display attracted a lot of visitors on the very first day of the expo. To better demonstrate LandVac to customers around the world, a technical seminar on “New Breakthrough in Vacuum Insulated Glass” was held, focusing on the five major technologies that support the seven main advantages of LandVac, including fully tempered and excellent thermal insulation performance. The room was packed with many audiences and some of them were standing at the back listening carefully. In addition to the fully tempered vacuum insulated glass, LandGlass’ tempering furnace remained to be the favorite products. LandGlass’ CycloneTM JetConvection tempering furnace launched a year ago continued to be a hot sale. Customers listened carefully to the detailed introduction by our sales manager. Upgraded JetConvection tempering technology was well received by enthusiastic customers. J+ has improved air circulation speed, heating efficiency and thermal balance for even better double-silver and triple-silver Low-E glass, taking the quality of tempered glass to a new level. The successful tempering of SOLARBAN®72 STARPHIRE® Low-E glass, the most difficult low-e glass to be tempered known in the industry, by LandGlass' JetConvection combined glass tempering furnace last year strengthened LandGlass’ leading position in the field of glass tempering technology.

During the four days’ expo, thousands of customers from several dozens of countries and regions around the world visited LandGlass' booth, inquiring its latest tempering technology and fully tempered vacuum insulated glass, exchanging experiences in glass processing, and discussing the prospects and trends of the industrial development. Looking forward, under the guidance of LandGlass’ principle for better and safer life, while continuing its technology lead in the industry, the company is committed to providing equipment that allows enterprises in the glass processing industry around the world to challenge themselves and succeed!