Jingrong Xie, Vice Chairman of China Federation of Industry and Commerce Visited LandGlass
13.07.2015 views:1151

To gather more information regarding enterprise innovations in our province under new situation, Jingrong Xie, vice chairman of China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Jingwei Yang, deputy minister of United Front Work department of Provincial Committee and Party secretary of Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Jianguo Han, vice chairman of Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Huotuan Kong, secretary general of Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Shizhu An, vice chairman of People’s Political Consultative Conference in Luoyang City and their associates visited the glass tempering furnace manufacturing base of LandGlass on July 9, 2015.


Accompanied by Yan Zhao, the president and general manager of LandGlass, Vice Chairman Jingrong Xie and other delegates toured the LandGlass glass tempering furnace manufacturing base in Luolong District. After seeing the manufacturing process, General Manager Zhao introduced to the party the recently achievements of LandGlass in new product innovation. Of these the most outstanding is the all new Cyclone series tempering furnace launched by LandGlass in 2015. The new series integrates dozens of LandGlass' patented technologies, representing the state-of-the -art equipment in the industry. After learning that LandGlass’ Cyclone series has realized significant improvements in five major functionality areas including product quality, productivity, energy saving, intelligentized operation, and wireless remote control by adopting eight self-developed cutting edge technologies, Vice Chairman Xie praised that LandGlass, as one of the lead companies in glass processing industry, has run ahead of many others in terms of technological innovation and intellectual property protection. LandGlass’ achievements in product development and technical advance should be learned by other enterprises.


After the visit, Vice Chairman Xie stressed the importance of continuing expanding communication between the CFIC and local business, promising to promote the further development of innovative business by extending CFIC’s helping hand to innovation oriented and capable enterprises like LandGlass in business financing, technical support and other services.