Leading the Industry for a Brighter Future——LandGlass at China Glass 2015
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The 26th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2015) was successfully held at the China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC) in Beijing during May 20-23, 2015.  Despite the slow recovery of the world economy and slowing down of domestic economic growth, the exhibition attracted more than 30,000 professional visitors from over 90 countries around the world, representing an overall increase in comparison with last year.


A team from LandGlass composed of dozens of marketing and service experts participated the Expo.  LandGlass’ booth was located in the center of E3 Hall. The unique layout of the booth design added a futuristic and hi-tech feature to its showcase. The square shaped floor plan had five independent meeting areas, decorated with a large LED screen and two giant posters; The LED display screen extended into a glass corridor with two rows of well-arranged fine glass products made by LandGlass furnaces in four major industries of architecture and furniture, household appliances, automobiles, and solar energy. The corridor also divided the front of the reception area into two curved wings, extending our warm welcome like two strong arms to the friends worldwide!


LandGlass’ latest “Cyclone Series” tempering furnace has become the highlight of this Expo: The Cyclone Series is the brand new jet convection tempering furnace developed by LandGlass in recent years. The 3D animation played on the LED screen facing the main entrance demonstrated the latest state-of-the-art technologies LandGlass has developed for this fine machinery, including Cyclone convection technology, isoTherm technology, ThermoLock technology, GeniusCool technology, EnergySave technology, StraightEdge technology, eVision technology, and eAdapt System; the application of these eight benchmark technologies on the Cyclone series has resulted in major breakthroughs in product quality, production efficiency, energy saving, and intelligent control.  Furthermore, the wireless connection has made it possible for remote management and monitoring of Cyclone series. To present the advantages of the advanced technologies in this machine to our customers, LandGlass held the “technical seminar on LandGlass’ new Cyclone series JetConvection furnace” at the Expo. The seminar attracted not only a large number of guests to participate, but also led to a spree in the following two days to watch the operation demo of the Cyclone furnace. In addition to the brand new LandGlass Cyclone Series, the convection heating technology was also upgraded from JetConvection to JetConvection Plus: The new convection technology has made improvement in air circulation speed, heating efficiency and thermal evenness for even better double-silver and triple-silver-layer coated Low-E glass, taking the quality of tempered glass to a new level. This technology has already replaced its predecessor and become now the core technology in LandGlass’ JetConvection furnaces.

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During the four-day event, there were more than thousand customers from over 50 countries and regions visited LandGlass’ booth, learning LandGlass’ latest tempering technologies, sharing their experience in the glass processing, discussing the ups and downs of the industry, as well as enjoying the delicious dessert we prepared for our guests. Besides our existing customers, many of them are newcomers attracted by LandGlass’ high reputation. Over the years, backed by our leading edge technologies, outstanding quality, and thoughtful customer care, the tempering furnaces made by LandGlass have become the first choice for more and more glass processing companies worldwide! In the meantime, encouraged by the customers’ support and motivated by their expectations, LandGlass will continuously strive for self-breakthrough. While taking the lead in the future development of glass tempering technology, LandGlass is committed to assisting the international glass processing industry to prepare for its next leap!