What conditions does the glass tempering furnace have to meet when heating the glass?
16.09.2020 views:4652

1. It has to reach an appropriate heating temperature;

Reaching the appropriate heating temperature is the most basic requirement for glass tempering. The heating element, temperature measuring component, control element, and control mode of the tempering furnace as well as the selection of the temperature measuring points should coordinate well. The temperature displayed by the computer should reflect the actual temperature in the tempering furnace as much as possible.

2. The temperature distribution in the tempering furnace chamber must be well balanced;

Throughout the entire heating process, uniformity of furnace temperature is the prerequisite to ensure the even heating of the glass. Theoretically, during the glass heating process, the glass surfaces should be heated symmetrically with the temperature difference between the surfaces less than 5℃. However, when the glass sheet enters the furnace chamber initially, the lower surface will be exposed to a temperature higher than that of the upper side due to its direct contact with the ceramic rollers and will absorb more heat. As the result, the heat absorption rates of the two sides will not be uniform during the initial stage. As time goes by, the temperature of the ceramic rollers will drop and the heating compensation in the furnace will gradually reach the balance. The temperature difference between the upper and lower surfaces of the glass will also be balanced accordingly.