LandGlass Glass Tempering Furnaces in Malaysia
Follow in the Footsteps of History to Revitalize the Regional Prosperity
17.03.2021 views:7679

At the beginning of the year, the installation of three LandGlass tempering furnaces at the Jinjing Science & Technology manufacturing base in Penang, Malaysia is making progress with one intelligent glass tempering furnace being the first to put into production. In the near future, relying on its own ultra-white glass products and technical advantages, Jinjing Science & Technology is going to make Malay an important solar glass export base to drive the development of related industries.

LandGlass Glass Tempering Furnaces in Malaysia.jpg

Since the launch of “One Belt One Road” initiative, the economic exchange and trade between China and the countries along the route are increasingly getting closer: Since 2013, China has invested more than $100 billion dollars in countries along the route, and its trade in goods with countries along the route has exceeded $6 trillion dollars. As a first-line solar glass enterprise in China, the 1 billion yuan investment project in Malaysia by Jinjing Science & Technology epitomizes the fact that China is strengthening the economic and trade cooperation with the OBOR countries and moving towards common prosperity.

In November 2020, with the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement formally signed, the OBOR strategic plan will work with the RCEP to further open the economic and trade channels across Europe, Asia, and Africa and build a new platform for economic globalization.  LandGlass will also continue to give a full play of its strengths and experiences in the intelligent glass tempering machinery to promote intelligent manufacturing and lean management in the glass processing industry.